Malibu Dogbowl

Skating Indoors

Nottingham's only 1970's skatepark, curiously called Malibu Dogbowl, was built in the disused 1936 Astoria cinema at Priory island, Lenton in 1978. We had waited a long time for a skate park, drooling over the US parks in Skateboarder! magazine, so we were ready, and this one was going to stick two fingers up at the crappy British weather as it was indoors. Unfortunately what we got after a years frustration was a badly designed and executed lump of concrete, lump being the operative word! It was short lived despite doubling up as a venue for bands like Lene Lovich, The Jam and other new wave acts. Nevermind, all good fun!

Malibu skatepark


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